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Canadian English Language Proficiency test

What is CELPIP?

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is a general English language proficiency test.
The CELPIP Test allows test takers to demonstrate their ability to function in English. The test clearly, accurately, and precisely assesses a test taker’s English abilities in a variety of everyday situations, such as communicating with co-workers and superiors in the workplace, interacting with friends, understanding newscasts, and interpreting and responding to written materials.

What is the CELPIP Test?

This is an important test, as Canada is one of the key destinations for those seeking overseas work due to the high standards of living and economic opportunities it offers. In fact, according to statistics, there have been more than 220,000 immigrants immigrating to Canada every year, since 2001.
The open borders policy is to invite professional talent from overseas, as the country seeks to diversify its economy, but to ensure societal cohesion, the insistence on taking a t is to make certain all new arrivals have the ability to function effectively in everyday life.
The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is an English language test that is required for people applying for permanent residence status in Canada.

What is the CELPIP Exam?

As with other similar tests, the CELPIP Exam is to assess the 4 key language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in everyday situations.
The CELPIP General Test is 3 hours long, and it is delivered via computer and administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia (UBC).
The CELPIP LS Exam consists of only the Listening & Speaking skills, takes 1 hour, and is essential when applying for Canadian citizenship.

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